Always tuned to perfection, right here in California

Experience the captivating sound of meticulously handcrafted handpans, designed and tuned by David Beery to deliver rich, unparalleled tones.

Dave offers handpans for every appeal: providing drummers with crisp, percussive elements that add a unique dimension to your rhythm repertoire, handmade handpans that emit ethereal and soothing tones - perfect for sound healing practices, promoting relaxation and inner balance, and internationally sourced beginner handpans, tuned by Dave for those just starting out.

Beginner handpans

Internationally sourced and tuned by hand by Dave, these handpans are great when you're just starting out and want to buy from a trusted handpan maker in the USA

Custom handpans

These handpans are handcrafted from scratch by Dave in California, USA, and tuned to perfection with nuanced, multidimensional tones