Try Before You Buy: Rent a Handpan

A quality-made handpan can be a significant investment. Why not rent one instead? The Dii handpan rental program is a great option to introduce you to the handpan. Simply start by renting to help you determine what kind of pan you love without the large financial investment. You can continue renting monthly for as long as you like or return at any time!

Two Handpan Rental Options

Our standard rental handpan is a basic model that has slight imperfections, and the tonal quality is not as refined as our pro. It is a great introductory model to give you a rudimentary sense of the handpan itself. The pro rental is more upscale--a nicer finish that has more precise tuning, much closer to the Dii handpans we sell. Many people rent these for events and performances. Both are usually an 8-note D minor scale, but we do have a couple other scales as well.