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Aurous 9 Stainless Steel Handpan

Aurous 9 Stainless Steel Handpan

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The Aurous 9 Handpan is a beautifully crafted instrument that embodies the essence of musical purity and artistic craftsmanship. Developed by the esteemed Dave Beery, known for his exceptional handpan creations, the Aurous 9 is a stunning testament to his commitment to quality and sonic beauty.

Crafted from resilient stainless steel, the Aurous 9 Handpan boasts a remarkable 21-inch diameter. It shines in a warm, golden bronze hue, a visual representation of the enchanting sounds it produces. 

Featuring nine notes precisely tuned to the D minor Sunset scale - (D) A C D E F G A C - the Aurous 9 Handpan delivers a soothing, harmonious sound that resonates deeply with listeners. This particular scale selection makes the Aurous 9 ideal for both beginners and seasoned musicians, offering a range of musical possibilities within a compact, easy-to-navigate layout.

The Aurous 9 Handpan's design ensures a significant sound with lasting sustain, allowing each note to ring out with clarity and depth. Its harmonics are vibrant and lingering, making it perfect for various settings - from intimate indoor gatherings to outdoor performances, meditation sessions, and yoga classes.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, the Aurous 9 is not only visually stunning but also incredibly durable. This material choice ensures resistance to rust and corrosion, making the handpan suitable for use in a variety of environments, whether indoors or outdoors. The instrument requires minimal maintenance; a simple wipe down is all it takes to keep it looking and sounding its best.


  • Scale: D minor Sunset (D) A C D E F G A C
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Finish: Warm Golden Color

Listen to the sound of the Aurous 9 Handpan:

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