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Aurous 12 Stainless Steel Handpan

Aurous 12 Stainless Steel Handpan

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Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of the Aurous Twelve Stainless Steel Handpan, a musical percussion instrument meticulously handcrafted and fine-tuned by the renowned Dave Beery. This 21” diameter handpan drum, exquisitely shaped from durable stainless steel, is a testament to Beery's expertise in creating instruments that resonate with soulful sounds and deep, expressive tones.

Each Aurous Twelve Handpan is created with a golden bronze finish, a harmonious blend of bright and deep gold shades that visually echo the richness of its sounds.

This handpan features twelve perfectly tuned notes: nine on the top shell forming the enchanting D minor Sunset scale - (D) A C D E F G A C, and three additional notes - F, G, B, on the bottom shell. This unique arrangement offers a versatile range, giving you the essence of multiple scales in one instrument.

Designed for the discerning musician and sound healer, the Aurous Twelve's expansive sound and prolonged sustain deeply immerse you in each note's expressive quality. The handpan drum's harmonics extend with clarity, ideal for those seeking a profound and engaging sonic experience.

Whether it's for meditation, yoga, sound therapy, or crafting melodic tunes, the Aurous Twelve serves as a perfect companion, enveloping you in a soundscape of tranquility and introspection.

Its robust stainless steel build, resistant to rust and corrosion, ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Suitable for various environments, from humid to salty ocean air, this handpan remains unscathed, requiring only a simple wipe for cleaning.

Overall, the Aurous Twelve Stainless Steel Handpan, with its warm golden finish, resonant notes, and versatile scales, is not just an instrument but a reflection of Dave Beery's dedication to quality and musical excellence.


  • Top Shell Notes: (D) A C D E F G A C
  • Bottom Shell Notes: F, G, B
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Finish: Warm Golden Bronze Color

Listen to the Aurous 12 Handpan:

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