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Mini Stainless Steel Handpan

Mini Stainless Steel Handpan

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Experience the gorgeous sound of our Mini Stainless Steel Handpan! Perfect for beginners or as a complementary instrument to your Dm pan, this compact handpan features 6 notes in the low F scale, including (F) C D E F A. With a 17 inch diameter, it's the ideal size for those seeking a smaller handpan. Internationally sourced and tuned by David Beery, this beginner handpan features a basic design and a bronze/gold finish for those new to the world of handpan playing. 

If you've never played a handpan before and are uncertain about where to start, this handpan drum is the perfect solution. It simplifies the decision-making process, ensuring that you start your musical journey with an instrument that is easy to learn and delightful to play.

One of the key concerns when purchasing a musical instrument, especially for beginners, is the reliability and reputation of the source. The Mini Stainless Steel Handpan stands out in this aspect. It is sourced from international sources and expertly tuned by David Beery, a respected figure in the world of handpans. This ensures that you are getting an instrument of high quality and authenticity, a crucial factor for a fulfilling musical experience.

Key Features:

No Musical Background Required: Tailor-made for first-time players, this handpan's simple design empowers you to embark on your musical journey, regardless of prior experience.

Compact and Travel-Friendly: With its smaller 17-inch diameter, this handpan is not only beginner-friendly but also compact and convenient for travel. Its size makes it ideal for those seeking a more manageable and portable instrument, without compromising on sound quality.

Explore Diverse Sounds: The Mini Handpan Drum is your gateway to a world of sounds, from calming, meditative tones to lively world music rhythms. Its versatility grows with your skills, offering endless possibilities.

Stylish and Captivating: More than just a musical instrument, its visually striking golden bronze color enhances the beauty of your personal or studio space, becoming a cherished piece of your artistic journey.

Reliable Support and Community: Our commitment extends beyond your purchase. As a trusted provider, we offer the support and reassurance you need to confidently join and thrive within the handpan community.

        Unlock the magic of music with the Mini Handpan Drum – where beginner-friendly design meets captivating sound. Embrace the joy of creating melodies, connecting with your inner rhythm, and sharing the enchantment of music with those around you.

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        • Scale: Low F (F) C D E F A
        • Material: Stainless Steel
        • Diameter: 17 inches
        • Finish: Golden Bronze Color

        Listen to the sound of the Mini Stainless Steel Handpan:

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