Dii handpan drums: craftsmanship, precision, and the ethereal beauty of sound

Welcome to Dave's Island Instruments (Dii), the ultimate destination for exceptional handpans that embody a flawless combination of artistic brilliance and masterful craftsmanship. Our handpans are meticulously tuned by David Beery himself, ensuring each instrument produces a gorgeous and enchanting sound that captivates the soul.

Rent a Handpan

Discover the joy of handpan music with the Dii handpan rental program! Experience the melodic resonance and unique tones of a handpan instrument without the commitment of purchasing, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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Make a Handpan

Unlock your creativity and learn how to build your own handpan with our step-by-step online handpan course, taught by David Beery. Explore the art of handpan making while mastering how to tune a handpan. Create a personalized instrument that resonates with your unique musical expression.

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