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Refurbished Used Handpan Hijaz R20-013

Refurbished Used Handpan Hijaz R20-013

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This refurbished Luna Clarity Handpan is a high-quality instrument designed for discerning musicians. Inspired by our original Luna Clarity design, it features a beautiful, clear powder-coated glossy finish that gives it an elegant visual appeal, perfectly complementing its exceptional sonic qualities.

Tuned to the captivating Hijaz scale, also known as the Arabian scale, this handpan delivers a mysterious and deeply resonant sound. With eight notes, it provides a rich array of tones that capture the exotic charm of the scale, ideal for crafting mesmerizing melodies that transport listeners to distant, mystical landscapes.

The handpan's glossy finish is not only visually stunning but also highly functional. It is coated with a durable, powder-coated finish that effectively resists water, salt water, and mild acids, making it particularly suited for various environments, including humid or coastal areas. This robust finish ensures the handpan remains in top condition, allowing you to focus more on your music and less on maintenance.

Constructed from low carbon steel and measuring 20 inches in diameter, the Luna Clarity Handpan is both sturdy and well-balanced, providing a satisfying playing experience. Whether you are a percussionist performing complex rhythms or a handpan enthusiast exploring advanced techniques, this handpan offers crisp attacks, mellow decays, and sustained resonance that make each performance a rich auditory experience.

Top shell only:

8 Note Hijaz scale (D) A C D Eb F# G A

Steel: Low carbon steel. 20” diameter

Finish: Blue-grey with warm almond accents and a clear, glossy coat

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