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Ohana Tk-10 Tenor Ukulele Starter Pack

Ohana Tk-10 Tenor Ukulele Starter Pack

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Learning how to play ukulele? Get the Dii ukulele starter pack, featuring an Ohana TK-10 tenor ukulele, a carrying bag with a strap, and a digital tuner.

The Ohana TK-10 ukulele is a popular entry-level ukulele. Used in schools and communities around the world for its quality, sound, and durability, this ukulele sounds great and is easy to play. The TK-10 ukulele is made of mahogany, and built by Ohana with the same construction as their other higher-end products.

The carrying ukulele bag features robust stitching and quality hardware, including a backpack-style strap to carry on your back or shoulder. Water-resistant and durable, this ukulele carrying bag offers great protection from water and pressure. Take your ukulele wherever you go safely!

The clip-on tuner has a high-sensitivity vibration sensor and two tuning modes for ukulele and chromatic. The display rotates 360 degrees and can be adjusted to any angle for easy viewing and visibility during the daytime or night. The screen turns green when in tune, so you'll always have the correct pitch.

TK-10 tenor ukulele
Backpack style gig bag
Music Chart Pamphlet
One Sticker (colors may vary)

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