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Handpan Accessory Pack

Handpan Accessory Pack

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Get all the handpan accessories you need! This handpan accessory pack comes with a backpack especially constructed for handpans, a handpan resting ring (donut), and the Dii traveler handpan stand.

The handpan backpack is made from sturdy canvas style fabric, with handy backpack straps, a waist strap, water bottle pouch, and a soft interior to keep your handpan safe from scratches. It fits handpans between 18"-22" diameter and its great for the handpan player on the go!

Our handpan Resting Ring (donut) is a round piece of padded fabric that protects the bottom of your handpan from being scratched and it gives the handpan extra resonance when playing on a solid surface like a table or the ground.

Dii's traveler handpan stand is really ideal for the handpan player on the go. With a tripod structure, it doesn't matter if you are playing on uneven concrete or grass, and the rubber stoppers allow for full sustain and won't scratch your handpan. It's even adjustable and has a fabulous string that substitutes as a strap.

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