Take advantage of the various services Dii offers for handpans, steel drums, and ukuleles. This includes handpan and steel drum tuning, and ukulele stringing, strap button installation, and more!

handpan Tuning Service

Handpan & Steel Drum Tuning Services

Standard tuning fee for handpans and steel drums start at $200.00

Cracked, split, or damaged handpan repair and re-tuning start at $500.00

Depending on the difficulty, the price may be lowered or raised after assessed.

Price increases will only occur with advance customer approval.

Handpan and steel drum tuning service can take one to three months for completion due to our production workflow. Thank you for your patience!

Please make an appointment to drop off at the store.


Ukulele Services


Strap button installation

Tuning machine repair

Fret dressing


Pricing varies

If you have service questions, please contact us!

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