Hand-Crafted Dii Handpans

The handpan, or hang drum, was first created in 2001 by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer (PANArt) in Bern, Switzerland. The musical instrument is hand crafted from two half-shells of steel sheet connected together at the rim, which leave the inside hollow to create the shape of a convex lens.

The top (“Ding”) side has a center note hammered into it and seven or eight tone fields hammered around the center. The bottom (“Gu”) is a plain surface that has a rolled hole in the center, which activates a Helmoltz resonator (a deep bass note created by the empty space inside the handpan). As a handmade instrument, the handpan is many times viewed as artwork as well as a drum that has magical resonating properties.

Soothing, resonating, and enchanting, the sound of the handpan captivates and works great for sound healing, meditation, and yoga, as well as for developing skills in playing a percussion instrument. Every note on your handpan should be fine tuned, with overtones that give each a rich, layered quality.



LUNA Clarity ELEVEN Handpan

Clear sound, clear look, clear your mind! Everything about the Luna Clarity handpan is clean and elegant. Check out our popular 20” Luna Clarity ELEVEN model; it’s excellent for those who want a more advanced handpan.

LUNA Satin Handpan

Dark grey in color with some shimmering highlights of emerald, gold, and sapphire, the Dii LUNA Satin handpan has a warm, resonant tone and a comfortable size and weight.

Aurous Stainless Steel Handpan

The Aurous model handpan is an amazing musical instrument. Made from stainless steel, it has a big sound and excellent sustain, a gorgeous golden color, and works beautifully for meditation and sound therapy.

Handpan Accessories

Need a handpan bag, handpan stand or donut? We’ve got it all!

Handpan Audio Samples

Listen to the magical sounds created by the handpan.